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The company has developed new varieties of rice.
Healthy rice(Rice For Health),BrownRiceand RiceBerryare rich inantioxidants and omega-3.It helps to inhibitthe growth ofcancer cellsand reducethe incidence ofcoronarythrombosis.It also benefits includea healthyskin andhairproducts,.ironand rice(Sinlek Rice)Riceagainstdiabetes. Preventionof ironwithalongstick.

About Thailand Rice Exporters

Shaiyo-AA Company Limited the leading rice trading company that continuous the effort of Soon HuaSeng Rice Company Limited in trading the world’s most famous original Thai Rice products and brands. Soon HuaSeng Company Limited was the World’s largest rice exporter and was recognized by those that appreciate good quality Thai rice since 1970s.

Thailand RiceShaiyo-AA trade various household types of Thai rice products ranging from the world's most well accepted Jasmine Rice to White Rice, Parboiled rice, as well as healthy rice products such as Brown Rice.

Shaiyo-AA R&D efforts together with the leading Researchers from Kasetsart University Thailand have produced new healthy rice products such as Rice Berry that have high antioxidants property, and Sinlek rice that has the property of hindering the absorption of sugar into the blood.

The leading rice brands that are currently traded in Thailand and well accepted by customers overseas are PUENTHAI followed by Kao Thai, Rice Berry and Sinlek. Other brands include Thai Lady Farmer, Golden Bangle and Three Horses. These leading brands are famous in China, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Israel, America, Germany, and the Netherlands.

PuenThai Rice

The number 1 best seller has always been PUENTHAI 100% Fine Thai Jasmine Rice

Various packaging sizes and combinations of rice products are available and can be packaged accordingly to the requirements of the OEM clients. Some of the OEM that we partnered with are Shukha, Shahrzad and Bora Tarim.

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Ms. Saithong Raungsawat
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Ms.Supit Sangkawanna
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Mr. Martin Han
Tel : 416.646.6234, 1.888.298.5297