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The company has developed new varieties of rice.
Healthy rice (Rice For Health) Brown Rice and Berry (Riceberry) are rich in antioxidants, omega-3. Help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Reduce the incidence of coronary thrombosis. Benefits include a healthy skin and hair products, iron and rice (Sinlek Rice) Rice against diabetes. Prevention of iron with a long stick.

Our Standards

Our products are the result of meeting consistent and reliable standards of quality. Whole rice supply and packaging materials are subject to strict and meticulous quality control by our trained staff. Our staff pays high attention to the rice processing operations and commitment to our customers on high quality products at reasonable prices. As a result, we have gained an acceptance under the brand “Puenthai”.

Shaiyo AA Company Limited emphasizes on quality of our products in order to deliver maximum satisfaction to our customers. It is in our policy to maintain the standards and quality control in every step of rice production, and therefore we use modern, clean, and safe technology for the production, as follows.

  • We use the black tablet shooter machine that can effectively select the damaged kernels, chalky kernels, yellow kernels and pebbles. So you can be confident that our rice brand "PuenThai" do not have unwanted substances.
  • We use the high quality wax SATAKE for excellent quality rice scrubbing. It makes the rice grain silky and rice pretty fluffy and delicious once it is cooked.
  • Shaiyo AA has a wide network of supplying alliances in order to assure our quality and low price of rice for to supply to our customers.

With our standards in production, we have won many awards for our quality rice such as:

  • In 2008, The reward of quality and standard in the production and packaging process of jasmine rice by the Department of Trade.
  • In 2008, The reward for the second place of the quality brand of Thailand in the type of Pheunkhang Rice from the Ministry of Commerce.

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Domestic sale
Ms. Saithong Raungsawat
Tel : (66-84)875-2607

Export sale
Ms.Supit Sangkawanna
Tel : (66-84)875-2606

North America
Mr. Martin Han
Tel : 416.646.6234, 1.888.298.5297