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The company has developed new varieties of rice.
Healthy rice (Rice For Health) Brown Rice and Berry (Riceberry) are rich in antioxidants, omega-3. Help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Reduce the incidence of coronary thrombosis. Benefits include a healthy skin and hair products, iron and rice (Sinlek Rice) Rice against diabetes. Prevention of iron with a long stick.

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Thailand Rice ExportersAfter the success in becoming the best manufacturer and seller of rice in the brands ofPuenthai" and "MangkornLaung", which arethe most popular in Thailand, Shaiyo AA company has expanded its rice market to foreign trade by exporting multiple brands in 11 countries.

White rice

Jasmine rice
Jasmine rice

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Parboiled rice

White rice
Brown rice

White rice


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Domestic sale
Ms. Saithong Raungsawat
Tel : (66-84)875-2607

Export sale
Ms.Supit Sangkawanna
Tel : (66-84)875-2606

North America
Mr. Martin Han
Tel : 416.646.6234, 1.888.298.5297